Saturday, May 1, 2010

Etsy Favorite: Mirasol Farm

Etsy is a great place to shop for all kinds of handmade items. I'm not only a seller there, but I'm also a buyer. I enjoy trying out all sorts of unique products, and I have always been impressed with the quality of the items that I do buy. And I like to share my favorite Etsy shops with others.

Mirasol Farm is one of my favorites.

I spend a lot of time browsing the Bath and Beauty category at Etsy. I love lotion and lip balm. I mean, for serious, I will panic if either one is taken away from me. Especially if said lotion or lip balm is fabulously fragrant and luxurious. I was shopping the Etsy categories one day when I found Mirasol Farm. Imagine my glee when I found out that they sell lotions and lip balm AND other awesome bath and body products. Talk about one-stop shopping. So I purchased some lotion and lip balms. Folks, this is really nice stuff!

Lotion and lip balms by Mirasol Farm on Etsy (

Mirasol Farm makes their lotions, creams, soaps, balms, and other goodies from scratch using organic ingredients and pure essential oils. Most products also feature sunflower oil ("mirasol" means sunflower in Spanish), which is high in Vitamin E and easily absorbed into the skin.

The first thing you'll notice about Mirasol Farm's products is their beautiful packaging. Their lotions come in gorgeous cobalt blue glass bottles. Even the labels on the products are bright, sunny, and lovely.

I bought their Lavender Patchouli lotion, and the scent was just heavenly. I love patchouli, and it is fabulous paired with lavender. The lotion is lush and luxurious, but it does not leave your skin feeling greasy. The fragrance lingers on the skin nicely, too. I went over to my mom's house about an hour after applying this lotion and as soon as I walked through the door she said, "You smell like patchouli!"

Other lotion varieties include Lemon Chamomile, Cedarwood Shea Butter, Rosemary Mint, Mother Earth (sandalwood, patchouli, and sage), Gardener's (lime and lemongrass), Wild Orange, and Naked (fragrance-free).

I am as powerless to resist lip balm as I am lotion. Mirasol Farm sells many intriguing herbal lip balms made with organic ingredients and essential oils. Unable to decide on just one (or two or ten), I opted for the 3-pack (your choice of balms). Although I still had trouble deciding on just three, I ultimately went with Sweet Patchouli (told ya I love patchouli!), Sweet Orange, and Chai. The nice folks at Mirasol Farm were sweet enough to throw in a Lemon Chamomile balm, too, which I am using now. I love it - it's lemony with a bit of a minty tingle. Chamomile, lavender, and lemongrass essential oils are complimented with essential oils of peppermint and rosemary. Yum!

Lavender Tangerine, Double Mint, Sweet Anise, and Naked lip balms are also available.

Mirasol Farm also offers bath and body oils, cold-process soaps, creams, lotion bars, herbal skin care products, liquid and foaming soaps, and gift sets. They even sell marmalade!

Treat yourself or someone special to Mirasol Farm's products. When my stockpile of lotions and lip balms are all used up, I'll be back for more!

(Photos by Jenny Rose)