Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bramble Berry Soap Swap!

Back in October, Bramble Berry announced that they were sponsoring a soap swap. The rules were that you make 12 bars of soap using the same Bramble Berry fragrance, send them in to Bramble Berry, pay for the return shipping, and then wait for a box of 12 soaps made by 12 other soapers to arrive at your doorstep. There were cold-process and melt-and-pour categories. Yours truly was in the melt-and-pour category, of course, and I swapped my soaps with other melt-and-pour soapers.

Here's my entry (and there they are all packed up and ready to ship on the right):

I used Bramble Berry's Lavender 40/42 and Patchouli essential oils to make a blend. I also used a clear soap baseMauvey Gem mica and a touch of liquid violet colorant to give the soap a sparkly, deep purple color. The mold is Mold Market's Clam Shell mold.

I shrink-wrapped my soaps in plastic wrap, labeled them, and then placed them in cello bags tied off with wrapphia and a tag.

By mid-November, the soaps for the swap were pouring into Bramble Berry HQ. It turned out that over a hundred soapers participated in the swap. That's a lot of soap. (If you check out this Soap Queen blog post, you can spot my soap - it's the first one on the left. Yay!)

This past Monday, my swap package arrived containing 12 soaps from some very talented soapers. I was so excited to see (and sniff) each one! Goodness knows I have enough of my own soap around the house, but it is fun to try other people's soap and see what others are up to.

So here are the soaps I received:

From left to right:
Moroccan Mint by Barclay's Soap Box
Tomato Leaf by Barclay's Soap Box
Grapefruit by The Bubble Bakery

Clockwise from left:
A blend of Watermelon, Summer Fling, Pearberry, and Sun-Ripened Raspberry (and a sweet little pig eraser) by Soap Queen TV
Jersey Beach Bar (Coconut fragrance) by The Paper Mermaid (this bar also contains genuine Cape May sand)
Almond Biscotti by Lisa B's Creations

(By the way, the Soap Queen TV soap arrived in perfect condition - it is dented in the photo because I was a super dork and dropped it on the kitchen floor.)

Clockwise (from back left):
Warm Vanilla Sugar Ball by Morning Glory Naturals Gina S.
Bath Time! (Summer Fling fragrance) by Donna's Creations
Lavender (with crushed lavender buds and embedded Silly Bandz) by Terri's Touch

Clockwise (from back left):
Wasabi Rush by K&C's Bathhouse
Nag Champa and Yuzu by The Bath Snob
Moonlight Pomegranate by Indigo Moon

I had so much fun with this soap swap! Thank you to everyone who participated - you are all amazingly talented, creative soapers! Receiving your soaps was like getting an early Christmas present. :)

And a big thank you to everyone at Bramble Berry for making the soap swap happen, especially Amber and Anne-Marie. I had the pleasure of exchanging several emails with Amber over the course of the swap, and she was always on top of things and super helpful and friendly. And Anne-Marie is always working hard to help us soapers and bath and beauty folks. Thanks for all of your support! (And thank you for the Mangosteen and Sheer Freesia fragrance oil samples! Mmm-mmm!)

Any of you participate in the swap? Please do share! We'd love to see your fun soapy hauls!