Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wally the Wonder Turtle goes to Blue Ridge, GA!

Wally the wonder turtle here to tell you about vacation! So me and jenny go to blue ridge in georgia last november. She come so take pictures. We rent cabin up high hill in trees.

Is nice to start morning with cup of coffee.

Then i make friends. Always important to make new friends in new places, even more yes so when he look like this. Jenny say he is stuffed? Mean he eats too much? Good thing so he no eat me! (Jenny's note: I did not tell Wally that "stuffed" did not mean this poor raccoon was full. Telling him the truth would be more traumatic than that time he found out about turtle soup.)

Cabin even have pool table. Is fun! Jenny say i pool shark? But i turtle. I pool turtle?

Was rainy first day, so play pool and guitar hero. Next day pretty and go to helen georgia for oktoberfest. Was november, though, so i don't know.

They have funny stuff in helen oktoberfest, like beer and horses wearing hats! Can you believe? Animal wearing clothes?

Jenny nice to come take pictures of me. Don't know who taking this picture, but they nice and didn't steal camera.

Next stop ruby falls near helen. So pretty. Here some nice photos wally the wonder turtle take all by himself with no help from nobody. (Jenny's note: Wally the Wonder Turtle did not take these photos. I did.)

On way back to cabin, i see these trees and stop jeep i drive all by myself with no help from nobody to take picture. (Jenny's note: Wally did not drive.)

What fun trip! Wally contemplate sunrise ...

Thanks for reading trip to blue ridge georgia!

-- Wally