Monday, January 4, 2010

We ♥ Boise!

Wally the Wonder Turtle and I LOOOOOOOVE Boise, Idaho! My husband's job sometimes takes him to the Boise Air National Guard, and after he's done working, Wally and I will fly out and meet him to spend a few days enjoying downtown Boise. We were there this past November and had hella fun.

And, believe me, Boise is sincerely fun.

What's in Boise?

Zoo Boise (not Boise Zoo):

Just look how much fun Wally is having with his new penguin friend!

And this penguin friend, too! (Vroom ...!)

The Qwest hockey arena:

Go Steelheads!

Here I am with Blue, the Idaho Steelheads' beloved mascot.
We ♥ Blue, too!

Smart squirrels:

This clever little fellow has it all figured out ... he has fresh food whenever he wants it courtesy of the capybara exhibit at Zoo Boise.

Stunning views:

Took this photo from the Friendship Bridge on the Greenbelt along the Boise River. Most mornings in Boise started with a jog along the Greenbelt.

And an awesome downtown district:

Plenty of views of the mountains (or "hills," as I'm told the locals call them).

And these are just things that I took pictures of. There's more. Boise is a hip little college town, so there are tons of groovy coffee shops, bookstores, record stores, and theaters. Boise State University has plenty of cultural offerings (I missed David Sedaris by one week! Aargh!), as does the Julia Davis Park with its art museum, Zoo Boise, and the Idaho State Historical Museum.

Boise also has GREAT beer. Tons of microbrews from the Pacific Northwest. My favorite hangout in Boise is the Bittercreek Alehouse (hey ya'll!). Seriously, I would live there if they'd let me. If you ever find yourself on 8th Street between Idaho and Bannock Streets, feeling thirsty and over 21, do yourself a favor and pop in there. They have more than three dozen taps of crazy good brews. The food is great, too. Most nights in Boise ended with a visit to the Bittercreek. (Don't worry, we drank responsibly.)

And Wally ♥s this giant lizard (I believe it is a komodo dragon, and, no, it is not real ... I think the pumpkin might be real, though.):

Can't wait to get back to see ya, Boise!


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