Sunday, July 18, 2010

Craft Show Recap!

Hey, Wonder Turtle friends! As many of you know, I was at the Fort Walton Beach Creative Senior Center's "Christmas in July" craft show yesterday. And this time, I took my camera with me and actually remembered to take pictures! Wow, what a concept!

Here I am, trying to look normal.

Sales were slow, but I still had a good time chatting with folks, meeting other crafters, and spending the day with my mom, who was my booth buddy.

I'm really liking my wire and tiered shelves for displaying my soaps - it creates some nice height and leaves me a bit of table space. I took about 30 or 35 varieties of soap with me and broke them into categories to make shopping easier for customers who have a certain kind of fragrance in mind, be it floral, fruity, foody, earthy, etc. You can see in the photo that I have little note cards next to each section - they list each of the soaps in the fragrance category. Sometimes I wonder if having so many different kinds of soaps out is overwhelming for shoppers, but I also think that the more choice someone has, the better. You can't sell it if it's not on your table, right?

Door prizes were given away throughout the day, which was fun, and vendors were included in the draws. I won this cute handbag from Something Like Laughter. I adore earth tones, and this will match a lot of my clothes. Something Like Laughter is on Etsy, too, so check out Melissa's shop to see some of her aprons, quilts, and other lovely handmade items.

I donated a door prize, too. I put my Honeycomb, Lavender, and Sunrise soaps in a pretty basket with a shower pouf. (I should have taken a picture of it, but I can't remember everything - or anything, really.) The nice lady who won my soaps seemed to really like them, and I hope they bring her lots of soapy happiness!

I'm looking forward to the autumn craft shows, and soon it will be time to start getting ready for them. Christmas (the actual "Christmas in December" Christmas) will be right around the corner then, and the indoor craft shows are a little more plentiful then. I'd like to do three shows in October - I've got two booked and I'm hoping to get into a third. Right now, my next show is scheduled for October, but if another show comes along before then, I may give it a go if it sounds good!

(Speaking of "Christmas in July," don't forget that Wonder Turtle Soaps is offering free U.S. shipping and discounted international shipping now through July 25!)

Anybody gearing up for some big holiday shows, either as a vendor or a shopper? Or both? :)