Sunday, July 4, 2010

Wally Sez ... Happy Fourth of July!

Here is where Wally the Wonder Turtle gets to share his thoughts with the world. Enjoy!

happy fourth of july everyone!

i ask jenny what she think about fourth of july and she say is also called independence day. july 4 is america's birthday, she say.

so, jenny say, imagine july 4 is like birthday party that 300 million people come to.

that sound like big party, but lots of fun. wally have birthday parties when he little. my mom say, wally invite you friends, but no more than 15. i think 300 million a lot more than 15, so i don't know where this party being held where everyone can fit. jenny say party is everywhere in u.s., that everyone have own party at same time. is like one party in millions of parts going on at same time, she say. this blows wallys mind and i confused, but sounds like fun anyways.

at these many parties, people have barbeques, make hot dogs and burgers and ice cream. (wally like lettuce and bananas at his birthday parties.) people spend time with friends and family and go out on boats or in pool. they make loud pretty sounds with firecrackers. i hear one last night after midnight and i say, whats that? and jenny say, is fireworks. it scare wally at first like thunder but then was okay - is like sparkly lightning.

whatever you doing this fourth of july, have fun and be safe. and jenny and i thinking about our military men and women - thank you for your sacrifices!

happy fourth of july, everybody!

-- wally