Thursday, October 21, 2010

Craft Show Recap: "Holly Fair"

It's been a busy week in the soaping kitchen, Wonder Turtle friends! I figure I better get a post up about my last craft show before my next one rolls around in less than two days! (For the locals, my next show is at the Niceville UMC this Saturday, October 23, from 8:30-2:30. Check out my upcoming craft show schedule for more info.)

Last Saturday, Wonder Turtle Soaps was at Shalimar UMC's "Holly Fair." The show was a great success, as it was last year. Shalimar UMC has been putting on this show for 14 years, so it is very organized and runs like a well-oiled machine. The staff and volunteers are so nice and helpful, too.

Almost done setting up
The Holly Fair attracts a lot of vendors and shoppers, which makes for a great, lively atmosphere. I was upstairs and shared a room with two other vendors. The church gymnasium was also full of vendor booths, and the courtyard outside also had some booths.

So many nice folks came by my table to chat, and some of them went home with a few bars of soap that I hope will make them (or a lucky gift recipient) very happy! It seemed like a lot of people had soaping stories of their own, and it's always fun to swap soaping stories. Lots of folks were curious about the soapmaking process, and many asked me about the origin of the name "Wonder Turtle Soaps." I explained that I chose the turtle because I am very much like a turtle myself - I am slow, cautious, and deliberate, and I retreat into myself when threatened. (And rest assured that absolutely no turtles are harmed in the making of any Wonder Turtle Soaps.)

The gymnasium downstairs
I got a great suggestion at this show, too, and I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner - several people suggested that I needed a shaker of whole coffee beans to help clear overwhelmed noses. So at the next show I will have a couple of salt shakers full of coffee beans to make sniffing easier!

Also, because I've been doing craft shows for about a year now, I see many of the same people - both vendors and shoppers - again and again. I remember them and they remember me and my mom (my booth buddy), and we've all become very friendly with each other, which is fun.

Lavender was the big hit at this show. At the end of the day, I had one lonely bar of Lavender left and my Lavender Patchouli sold out (but no worries, I made more of both!). It's interesting to see what the big sellers are show-to-show. Sometimes I'll think that something will just fly off the table, but then something else ends up being the favorite. And at each show, it's different. I always try to keep the perennial favorites well-stocked, though. And I restocked my holiday soap inventory since it's getting to be that time of year!

Ken and me
My husband, Ken, stopped by to see us during the middle of the day. He's sweet about coming by to visit, and he also usually makes me his World Famous Bean Burritos for dinner after a craft show. Craft shows are fun, but at the end of the day, I'm ready to chill, so he handles the cooking and we hang out at home. Sweet, huh?

Because I knew he was cooking dinner, I thought I'd bring home something for dessert. The Holly Fair also had a bakery two doors down from my room, so I paid them a visit with my wallet in hand. I desperately wanted pumpkin bread, and I did find a loaf of sweet, spicy, glorious pumpkin bread. I also wanted something icky-sweet and cake-y, and when I spied some individually-wrapped cupcakes with fluffy frosting and sparkly sugar sprinkles on top, I thought, bingo!

They would have been perfect for a post-burrito dessert, but ...

I succeeded in keeping the cupcakes in pristine shape during the day, and I lovingly set them in a safe place when we loaded my mom's Jeep after the show. Somewhere between the Jeep and my house, though, tragedy struck. After the cupcakes were smashed, Ken didn't find them especially appetizing (picky, picky), which meant more cupcakes for me.

It was a wonderful day at the Holly Fair - pulverized    cupcakes notwithstanding - and I'm hoping Niceville UMC's "Bayou Country Craft Show" this Saturday goes well, too. From everything I hear, it should be a great show. (Thank you to all of the craft show organizers, and to everyone who comes out to the shows!)