Saturday, October 9, 2010

Craft Show Recap: "Jingle Bell Craft Show"

Woo-wee, it has been a frantic couple of weeks here, Wonder Turtle friends! I've been making, packaging, and labeling soap like a crazy person. October is a busy craft show month - I've got two more coming up in the next two weeks. (If you're in the Fort Walton Beach, FL area and you want to know where Wonder Turtle Soaps is heading next, check out my craft show schedule for October and November.)

Last Saturday, I did the Jingle Bell craft show in Mary Esther. It was a great show. Sales were good and I met a lot of nice folks. It's so exciting that autumn and the holiday season are finally drawing near, and the craft shows are becoming more festive! I especially love craft shows at this time of year. I introduced this year's Christmas/holiday/winter soaps at this show, and I am gradually listing them in my Etsy shop.

I've been doing craft shows for a year now, so I'm starting to cycle back through some of last year's venues. Several people from the Jingle Bell remembered me and my mom (my booth buddy) from last year and other craft shows. It was so cool to hear things like, "I bought some of your soap last year" or "I got some of your soap as a gift." When I make a new batch of soap, I make it hoping that people will love it, so it's very nice to get such positive feedback.

It's always fun to talk to people at the shows. Some are soapers themselves  and have soaping stories of their own, or they'll share stories about their favorite soaps. Maybe a soap will remind them of a granddaughter or nephew, and they'll tell you a cute story about their family. Or maybe a fragrance triggers a memory for them. It's fun to hear stories like these.

Kids like soap, too, and it's fun when they come over to chat. My favorite moment at the Jingle Bell was when this adorable little girl came up to my table and said she was looking for a soap that is "shaped like Eeyore and smells like a pig." I had to agree that that would be awesome.

At the end of the day, some folks went home with some soap that I hope will make them (or a gift recipient) very happy. Many people asked about my upcoming shows, so I hope to see some familiar faces during the next couple of weeks!

I will take photos at the upcoming shows, too, and I plan to work on my pictures. I worry that all of my craft show photos are starting to look the same - I need to venture away from my immediate area if I get the chance and snap some pics. Usually, I get my booth ready only moments before the show officially starts, and I don't like to leave my booth if I can help it. I am kicking myself now for not taking pictures of the pumpkin patch outside at the last show, but I think there will be a pumpkin patch at the Niceville show. (Some of the venues have these big pumpkin patches out front this time of year where you can pick out a pumpkin for carving, decorating, or eating. It's so pretty and just captures the essence of fall. I can't believe I didn't think to get a photo - it occurred to me a few days after the show. Way to think quick there, brain!)

If you participate in shows either as a vendor or shopper, how are they going? Anybody have some favorite craft show stories?