Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wally Sez ... Happy Thanksgiving!

Here is where Wally the Wonder Turtle gets to share his thoughts with the world. Enjoy!

so today is thanksgiving, a day we all think about things that make us thankful. wally thankful for many things.

wally thankful for:

* my family and friends. wally's mom and dad nice turtles that love me and i love them. wally also thankful for jenny, she funny.

Sniffles the cat

* sniffles the cat. sniffles my friend since wally little. wally can't even remember when he no know sniffles! sniffles good friend who do fun stuff with me and give me birthday party.

* my health. wally happy, strong turtle who no get sick often.

* soap. soap not only fun to make and look at and sniff, is also good for getting clean. my friend sniffles the cat thankful for soap too, he say, because lots of germs and diseases out there and soap keep them away. sniffles no thankful for germs.

* my shell. sniffles say he jealous of my shell because i safe everywhere i go. sniffles say, do you know how dangerous it is out here? wally say he never feel scared. sniffles say, thats cuz you got shell on you back! so i guess i thankful for my shell.

* red bow ties. they just look nice.

* smart people. because they make good stuff like airplanes, water purification systems, and roller coasters.

* nice people. they make everything better for everybody.

* goats. they make good cheese, and they funny.

* you. wally thankful for lovely blog readers and wonder turtle friends like you! thank you for reading blog and commenting and being so nice and fun.

this thanksgiving, wally spend time with people he love. wally also spend time with food he love. which remind me, wally also thankful for jennys pies.

Jenny's apple crumb and pecan pies

have a happy thanksgiving, everybody!