Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Birthday, Wally!

Today is Wally the Wonder Turtle's birthday, and his good buddy, Sniffles the cat, agreed to guest blog and wish Wally a happy birthday! (You may remember Sniffles from Wally's posts about chocolate turtles and Father's Day.) Wally and Sniffles go way back, and we're happy to have him here on this special day!

Sniffles the cat

Hi, I'm Sniffles! I've known Wally for as long as I can remember, and he's one of my very best friends.

Anyway, I'm here to wish Wally a happy birthday. Part of having a happy birthday is having a cake. I'm not much of a baker - I can't even make pancakes. So I went to the grocery store yesterday to get a cake and some lettuce because Wally loves lettuce. Have you noticed how cold they keep the grocery stores? Gadzooks! It's still hot outside, so I'm wearing shorts everywhere, but whenever I go indoors, I freeze. Then when I go back outside, I burn up. Hot, cold, hot, cold ... What are they trying to do, kill me? I could get pneumonia constantly going from hot to cold and back again like that.

And have you seen all the different kinds of lettuce they've got at the store now? Iceberg, romaine, bibb, butter, arugula ... goodness! I ended up buying ten bags of the pre-washed seven-lettuce salad. By the way, what the heck does "pre-washed" mean? How do you wash something before you wash it? I mean, shouldn't it just be called "washed"?

Anyway, Wally loves lettuce, and he also loves bananas. I went to the bakery section and couldn't find one big banana cake, but I did find some of those individually-wrapped banana snacky cakes. I got some candles so I could put one in Wally's little cake. By the way, does the whole blowing-out-the-candles-on-a-cake thing seem like a terrible idea to anyone else, or is that just me? I mean, hello, germs. The absolute worst is when you're at a kid's birthday party and all the kids have to help blow out the candles. And kids aren't dainty about it either - they just blow and spit all over the place. Mmm, who wants cake? Ugh. Check, please.

Anyway, Wally and all of his friends came over to my house and we ate our lettuce and banana cakes (and there might have also been some Terrapin Ale and some catnip infused bubbly) and we played "Pin the Bow Tie on the Turtle." And we all brought presents for our good friend Wally. I got him a great gift for the coming winter - a turtleneck sweater!

Anyway, Wally ate, danced, and played with all of his friends until we couldn't eat, dance, or play anymore. I hope Wally didn't eat too much sugar and that he gets a good night's sleep before he heads back into the soaping kitchen tomorrow. He probably didn't sleep much last night because he was too excited about his party. Lack of sleep can cause headaches, irritability, clumsiness, dizziness, increased blood pressure, and, of course, fatigue.

Anyway, happy birthday, Wally!