Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wally Sez ...

Here is where Wally the Wonder Turtle gets to share his thoughts with the world. Enjoy!

Wally Sez ...

So i was eating this thing -- this candy thing with chocolate, caramel, and nuts sticking out the sides -- and it was good so i say to my friend, Sniffles the cat, Hey this is good. What is it?

And Sniffles say, Is a turtle.

I spit it out and feel sick.

No, is not real turtle! Sniffles say.

Why he say is turtle when is not turtle?

It looks like turtle, Sniffles say, with the pecans as legs?

I guess so. So i say, Gimme another one.

So he does.

And i eat and is good, too. So i say, Hey, this is good.

And Sniffles say, Is turtle.

But is not really turtle.

Now that i know turtles is not really turtles, i can't wait to try turtle soup!


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