Friday, December 11, 2009

Welcome to the Wonder Turtle Soaps blog!

Hi, there! Wally the Wonder Turtle and I are so glad that you are here, reading our blog. Here, we write about soap (of course!), stuff we dig, and all of the goofy things we do. This is a happy, sudsy place of good, clean fun.

Wonder Turtle Soaps specializes in making dazzling, yummy-smelling, oh-so-wonderful glycerin soaps. Each bar is a little piece of art infused with love -- and really great-smelling stuff!

I started making melt-and-pour glycerin soap after a friend of mine inspired me to give it a try. I was hungry for a new task, a way to be creative. And if that process ended with a fully functional bar of soap that was pretty and smelled great, so much the better. I had failed at so many other artistic endeavors -- I was terrible at drawing, I couldn't sew or knit, and attempts to produce even a bad painting where disappointing. I had dabbled in photography and creative writing, but nothing stuck. I needed something ... else.

And then soaping came along. Not only was it fun, but it produced an item that was of great use. And when I got advanced enough that I felt comfortable giving some away to family and friends, they seemed to enjoy it. They were actually happy to get some of my soap! (This was a huge deal, as I was unaccustomed to having my handmade crafts praised or in any way positively received. In fact, people had often previously asked me to take my "art" far, far away and/or bury it in the backyard.)

Soaping stuck, and I was not too shabby at it. And as the months went by, I got better at it. And now, Wonder Turtle Soaps is here, producing soaps that I hope everyone will love.

I want my soap to make people happy. This is what I am thinking every time I start a new batch. My goal is to give each and every customer a great bar of soap that they will love.

By now you're probably asking yourself, "How can I get my own happy soap bar of turtle-ific artistry?" Well, lucky you! Here's what you do: Stop by my Etsy shop, say hi to Wally the Wonder Turtle (say something nice about his bow tie), and check out Wonder Turtle Soaps!
Thanks for visiting! See you soon!